13th April 2015

The Miramar at Herne Bay

I have been really impressed with the Miramar at Herne Bay. Not only is the building well laid out, large open entrance hall more like a hotel than a care home, with a welcoming coffee lounge and sitting room clearly visible as you walk in. But the staff are welcoming too. As I walked down the hall way every member of staff I passed said hello and stopped to chat to my client who has in fact just moved in. That's how impressed we were!

I have eaten lunch several times at The Miramar, including today, and it has been very good. Three courses, wine if you would like and laid on tables with linen cloths and napkins. I particularly like the way the restaurant is set up. It's not one big room with everybody bunched together but they have managed to create little areas that make the experience more intimate and if you would like to eat alone, more comfortable.

The 'suites', because you can't call them rooms are amongst the best I have ever seen. Good sized double bedroom, separate sitting room with kitchen - including oven, hob, fridge and en suite wet room. Double doors onto the balcony and sea views finish it off.

Highly recommended and if you are looking for care, definitely worth a look.

My mother has been acting as my father’s main carer for over a year since he was diagnosed with Lewy body dementia. Unfortunately she had a fall on Monday and we were faced with a situation where we had to act fast to arrange for her to be taken care of and to look at immediate respite care in order that my father would also be looked after in a suitable care home which could cope with his needs. Luckily we had your report and had already viewed some of the care homes that you short-listed for us. This meant that when the dust had settled i.e. ambulances and paramedics had left and GP’s appointment arranged, rather than having to panic we were ahead of the game. Rather than having to start from scratch we worked through your report and phoned the care homes on the list. Luckily on our 4th call we managed to find a suitable care home that had a vacancy and within hours had arranged an appmt. to view, discussed needs with the manager and secured the room. My father is now being looked after by professionals in a safe environment and I am able to breath a sigh of relief after a couple of pretty stressful days. I have no doubt that without the report that you prepared for us and the advice you gave to go and see the homes on the list “just in case” we would not be in this position and I would probably still be tearing my hair out trying to get the situation sorted. Thanks very much for your advice