Our story

Chosen With Care was created because we’ve been through what you’re going through.

Personal experience

The eureka moment came to our founder, Debbie Harris, when she had to find a care home for her elderly aunt.  She knew her aunt deserved the best, but with hundreds of potential care homes to choose from, trying to work out which one was the best fit for her aunt was daunting.  At the time, there was no expert guidance, so Debbie did it the hard way – making hundreds of calls, visiting dozens of homes, learning along the way the subtle clues that distinguish the good from the bad – until she found somewhere that suited her aunt perfectly.

Industry pioneer

Her experience made Debbie realise that there was a complete lack of objective advice available to individuals and their relatives trying to find care homes.  She rectified this by creating a national website, best-care-homes.co.uk; its stand-out feature was the ability for individuals to write their own reviews of care homes.  During her years of managing best-care-homes.co.uk, Debbie built up her expertise in the sector, refining her understanding of what makes a great care home and how to find the best-fit care home to meet an individual’s needs, interests, likes and dislikes. 

Choosing with care

After selling best-care-home.co.uk in 2011, Debbie found herself being recommended to individuals and their relatives who were struggling to find the right care home.  Her success at guiding people through the daunting process – combined with the growing number of word-of-mouth referrals she was receiving – made Debbie realise there was a real gap in the market for professional, friendly expertise.  And so Debbie set up Chosen With Care.

Growing with care

As the business has grown, Debbie has made sure that her guiding principles permeate everything that we do:

  • We continue to offer the very best, personal service for all our clients and work tirelessly to find the best-fit care home for each individual. 
  • We work relentlessly to drive up standards in this vital industry towards our goal that all elderly people should enjoy fulsome lives. 
  • And we make sure our own knowledge and understanding is up to date so that we can provide the best expertise, objective assessments and bespoke support to individuals.

I didn't know where to start and then somebody recommended Chosen with Care. The advisor I spoke with, (Martha Kench,) was absolutely brilliant. The response was incredibly swift and the guidance I've received has meant I'm much better informed and better able to support my family